Control Your Health with This Stress Medication Information. Everyone reacts differently when a stressful situation or event impacts their life. Usually, you react in a specific way that you can't change. You probably already know what your response will be to a particular stressful event. At times, you may find it prudent to take a stress medication to get you past a rough spot. Family situations, job situations, and a jerk on the bus can all cause stress. Do you feel like your stress has reached a level where you can no longer cope? Immediately make a visit to discuss this with your doctor. How well you cope will be determined by how long the stressful situation has been ongoing. Make contact with someone who can support you through a period of stress that you can no longer cope with. Get the help you need and deserve. There is a class of drugs called serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). These drugs are used to treat the many different kinds of stress and anxiety disorders. The drug selected from this class will be based on the type of disorder that needs treated. Of the many ways a stress attack can manifest in a person, some of them include OCD, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and agoraphobia. A lot of folks have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and it, also, is effectively treated by other drugs in this class. Stress responds well to these SNRIs, even though they are actually considered anti-depressants. You have to guard against the tendency to entertain thoughts of suicide, as this is a side effect that can impact some people who take these drugs given the right circumstances. Therefore, if your doctor prescribes one of these medications, make sure you discuss the probability of becoming suicidal if you take it. Stress medications, in certain classes, approach stress by dealing with the central nervous system itself. The effects are to promote sleepiness and even a reduced rate of respiration. People that take these meds can have a general relaxation response. When these drugs are given, they are typically prescribed for people that have lots attention and stress in their lives every day. Some of the more well known drugs in this class are Valium, Xanax, Ativan and there are others. Many people abuse these drugs to get a particular effect out of them. People commonly abuse this particular class of drugs (and the drug industry is full of them), using many different kinds of them at once. Society has different ideas of what is "normal" behavior. Sometimes, a person may display a compulsive behavior that is outside of these norms. One example that most people know about is the compulsion for being clean. If you are around someone who is constantly washing their hands, or uses hand sanitizers frequently, they may have this compulsion. Maybe it's not overt, but they just have an increased interest in always being clean. The first thing a doctor will do when visited by someone with this kind of behavioral compulsion is do an evaluation. An anti-anxiety, or stress, medication may be the next step in the doctors plan for this patient. Situations and conditions will vary, and this is something the doctor will take into account and prescribe a particular drug at a certain dosage. Research throughout the years has brought about an evolution in stress medication. Furthermore, many drugs that were formulated decades ago are still used today successfully. Also, drugs that are mainly meant to treat other health conditions are now also being used to treat stress. So your doctor has a wide range of choices, and this also includes combination approaches with other forms of stress reduction therapy. One path to get a grip on your stress is stress management, which has proven to be successful.

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